​School Holidays and INSET days

Here are the dates for confirmed school holidays. Most schools in the Barnsley area will also have these dates. However, individual schools will add extra Inset days as necessary.

Full details of our school holidays, Bank Holidays and INSET days.

2024-2025 with INSET

PDF versions of the standard holidays (excluding INSET days) can be found on the Barnsley Council website.

For further details about events happening in and around school please visit the school calendar.

School Holidays


Autumn Half Term: 30th October – 6th November (Includes INSET day on 6/11)

Christmas Holiday: 25th December 2023 – 5th January 2024

Spring Half Term: 12th February – 19th February (Includes INSET day on 19/02)

Easter Holiday: 25th March – 5th April

May Day Bank Holiday: 6th May

Spring Bank Holiday: 24th May – 31st May (Includes INSET day 24/05)

Summer Holiday: 22nd July – 2nd September (Includes INSET days 22/07 and 2/09)


Autumn Half Term: 28th October – 4th November (Includes INSET day on 4/11)

Christmas Holiday: 23rd December 2023 – 3rd January 2025

Spring Half Term: 14th February – 21st February (Includes INSET day on 14/02)

Easter Holiday: 7th April – 21st April (includes INSET day on 21st April)

May Day Bank Holiday: 5th May

Spring Bank Holiday: 26th May – 30th May

Summer Holiday: 21st July – 1st September (Includes INSET days 21/07,  22/07 and 1/09)

N.B. If booking holidays, please double check holiday dates and INSET days with the school office. Dates are subject to change.