Class 5

School vision

Millhouse Primary School is safe, happy, inclusive school which provides a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Our teachers nurture children who are determined to achieve the best they can; who believe in themselves; show respect and appreciate the gifts and abilities of those around them; and co-operate with one another patiently and responsibly. Our children thrive in an environment which stimulates their curiosity and encourages them to be creative as well as hard-working. Our school is vibrant, caring and welcoming to all.

For everyone to reach their potential at Millhouse Primary School, we expect:

  • A positive outlook, a determined approach and outstanding attendance.
  • Respect for one another, responsible behaviour and enthusiastic teamwork.
  • From Parents:
  • Passion and interest in what their children are learning at school
  • A supportive approach to the school’s policies on homework and safeguarding
  • From Teachers:
  • Delivery of a rich curriculum to stimulate creativity, determination and self-belief
  • A commitment to their own learning journey to maintain high standards of teaching
  • From the Headteacher and Governors
  • A determination to shape the school as a centre of excellence for primary education
  • A care for the health, safety and well-being of all children and staff