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School Meals

School Meals Autumn Menu 2022(Subject to change)

For advice and inspiration on creating a healthy packed lunch visit Change 4 Life (external website).

“I enjoy school dinners because we get really good portions and ¬†you can choose from day to day if you want a hot meal, vegetarian, wrap, sandwich or jacket potato. All of the choices are extra tasty so it can be difficult to choose sometimes!” – Markuss, Class 5


“The meals always taste nice and the ladies in the kitchen are friendly and kind. My favourite meals are pizza and I also like sausages and Yorkshire Puddings.” – Lily, Class 2.

All meals are freshly cooked at the school by our cooks Claire and Joanne. All meat is fresh and UK sourced from farms within the Yorkshire region. A selection of wholemeal and best of both bread is available everyday.

With the exception of chips, our food is cooked using oven baking and steaming methods. Water is available each day and we source seasonal fruits and vegetables so that our children get the best all year round.

“I really enjoy school meals. they’re yummy and fill you up for the afternoon. My favourite is the fresh-made Yorkshire Puddings! And the cooks Karen and Joanne are really nice.” – Bronagh, Class 3.


“I love having my lunch with my friends!” – Scarlet, Class 1.

Dinners can be paid via using your personal login and password (the school will have sent this information to you in a text message).

Direct link to Barnsley Council’s school meals page.