Should my child attend if they live in a household with someone who is extremely clinically vulnerable?

If a child/young person lives in a household with someone who is extremely clinically vulnerable it is advised they only attend school if stringent social distancing can be adhered to and, in the case of children, if they are able to understand and follow those instructions. It is recognised that this may not be possible for very young children and older children without the capacity to adhere to the instructions on social distancing. If stringent social distancing cannot be adhered to, the government do not expect children to attend. They should be supported to learn at home. It is our view (recognised in government guidelines) that primary age pupils will not be consistently able to follow social distancing protocols and therefore any child living with someone who is classed as extremely clinically vulnerable should not currently attend school. Children and young people who live with someone who is clinically vulnerable (but not extremely clinically vulnerable) including those who are pregnant, can attend school.