What can I expect the school to do in order to meet my child’s special educational needs?

‘Quality First Teaching’ and ‘Quality First Provision’ is an entitlement for all children, and we are constantly striving to ensure that teaching is of a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ quality at all times. This is the classroom teaching that your child receives on a daily basis from the class teacher. Lessons are carefully differentiated and personalised to take account of different learning styles and abilities. In addition, the school staff can gain knowledge and skills from a variety of training and Local Authority support which will make the delivery of the curriculum more accessible for children with specific needs.

All teachers in school have the support of a Teaching Assistant for a part of the day in the classroom. In some cases where there are children with more diverse SEND, there may be more than one Teaching Assistant working in the classroom to support these needs. In order to discourage any child from becoming too dependent on any individual adult we try extremely hard to give SEND children the opportunity to work with a range of people. Furthermore as each child grows and becomes more independent, we review their needs, the level of Teaching Assistant support that they require and the particular areas they require support in. We are always careful to ensure however, that all needs are fully met.

Where appropriate, children may have access to additional small group activities for short periods of time alongside other children with similar needs. The work carried out in small groups is overseen by the class teacher and SENCO who are responsible for monitoring the child’s progress and targeting the support carefully. The School has a range of group interventions available for children, and these are planned for carefully, considering the needs of the child.

Some children may require interventions of a 1/1 nature for very short periods of time. Again these are overseen by the class teacher and SENCO. Progress from such interventions is carefully monitored and considered before further intervention is offered.