What is an Education Health Care Plan?

Only a very small percentage of children require support of an additional nature beyond those mentioned above. If this is the case, then the SENCO may discuss with you the possibility of asking the Local Authority to undertake a statutory assessment of your child’s needs. If this is considered appropriate, then the School will collect together information about the child and evidence of the interventions that have been put place. With your permission this will then be sent off to the Local Authority for them to consider the information at a Panel meeting. Then a decision will be made about whether or not to carry out a statutory assessment of your child’s needs. Whilst this is taking place, the School will continue to support your child’s needs with the resources that are already in place.

Once the Local Authority receives a request to consider a statutory assessment, a legal timescale begins. The process of statutory assessment is carefully bound by the legislation and guidance within the SEN Code of Practice. The SENCO will be able to explain the process and timescales to you. If the decision is made to go ahead with a statutory assessment then the Local Authority will signpost you to guidance and support that will assist you through the process, for example from the Parent Partnership Service. Once the statutory assessment process is completed, you will be sent a copy of your child’s Education Health and Care Plan.

An Education Health and Care Plan is the name of the document that outlines the educational needs of a child, once agreed by the Local Authority.

An Education Health and Care Plan addresses needs that are both educational and health or medical related. These are designed to address complex needs in a coordinated way, to ensure that all needs are met within an educational/health care setting.

EHCPs are reviewed annually with all relevant stakeholders.