What is an IEP?

An IEP is an Individual Education Plan that is written by the class teacher in conjunction with the parent and child. The IEP records the additional and more specialised strategies and interventions that will be required to help reduce/manage the barriers to your child’s learning. Children who have an IEP are aware of their learning targets and are encouraged to reflect on the progress they feel they have made. Contributions from parents and children towards new targets are greatly encouraged, parents and their children are invited to school termly to discuss and review IEPs. Once a new IEP has been written, the School will carefully monitor the progress being made. If it is felt that the targets are inappropriate for any reason then the School will discuss more appropriate targets with parents at the earliest opportunity. The short term targets are set termly and are designed to work towards and build up to the long term outcome for that child.

 An example of what our IEPs looks like:

Millhouse Primary IEP