What support will my child receive during transition?

We understand that transition can be a difficult time for some children with SEND so we take steps to try and ensure it is as smooth as possible.

Moving classes in school: in the summer term, all pupils at Millhouse Primary School have a transition day where they spend time in their new class. We find this allows all children the opportunity to settle into their new classes before the summer holidays relieving the apprehension sometimes felt. Where appropriate, in addition to this SEN pupils receive a tailored transition programme involving further visits or opportunities to work with the next class teacher and support assistants.

Transition meetings are held between current and receiving teachers to share all information about individual pupils. The SENCO also works to ensure all teachers are aware of the needs of all their new pupils. The SENCO will offer any support that may be necessary to meet individual needs of a pupil.

When moving to another school: Contact will be made with the other school and their SENCO informed about any special arrangements that need making and putting in place before the child moves. We will make sure that all records and information are passed on quickly. Where possible we will make arrangements for additional transition visits and meetings to take place.