How will drop off and collection times be managed?

We will have a staggered start and end to the day. Each group (‘bubble’) will be given an allocated arrival and pick up window. We will use 3 different entry/ exit gates alongside the staggered start and finish times to further reduce the number of people congregating. We would ask that only one parent/carer attends drop off and pick up. Children need to walk into the school grounds themselves and will be greeted by staff waiting on the playground/ designated point. Please spend some time
explaining this to your child. Staff will not be able to physically remove children from their parents.

There will be clear procedures for dismissing pupils at the end of the day. A separate document will be produced explaining this in more detail. We would advise you to travel by walking, cycling to school, or by car. It is not recommended to take
public transport if you have an alternative. If you do use public transport, it is advised that you avoid peak times and that you and your child wear a face covering.